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Children's emotion coach Jodie Smart supporting children's feelings and improving mental health

Passionate about Mental health

Hello, my name is Jodie Smart and I created Sunny Kids Shine in 2018 to help children grow up as confident, resilient and content young people. I have a background in education and am passionate about supporting Parents, Carers and Professionals alike to create emotionally enabling environments for children, so that all children develop a love and zest for learning and life, able to shine their light to become the best versions of their true authentic selves. Please click the button below to read our featured article and find out more about why our program is so important.  

introducing mindfulness and helping make big feelings child size through mindful emotion coaching.

Passionate about Wellbeing

We work to introduce mindfulness to young children and help make BIG feelings child size because we believe that whilst we cannot predict the future for our children, we can equip them with the tools they need to be able to SHINE through any storms that they may face. We want children to SHINE, feeling: Secure, Healthy, Independent, Nurtured and Empowered. 

Finalist for best family service and nominated for business mum of the year.

Working together for a brighter future

Our forward-thinking program supports children to learn from a young age that feelings are a normal part of everyday life and everyone has them. With help from our ‘Feelings Family,' shown above, children soon become secure in their feelings and the feelings of others through understanding that we all have a beautiful rainbow of feelings inside and that every feeling is ok.

Our ethos is working together for a brighter future and so our program is available to anyone and everyone who cares for a child including, parents, carers and professionals working in education, health and social care. 


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